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Phone number 8454592751 has negative rating. 16 users rated it as negative. 16 users searched for this number and 16 users rated it. Approximated caller location is New York, United States. The phone number is a fixed line or mobile number. This phone number is categorized as unwanted (10 times), scam (6 times). This ratings are based on reports by real users of our website and our AI.

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Jun 25, 2022

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Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
Scammer, duh!!
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Reviews for phone number 8454592751:
#1 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
Scammer, duh!!
#2 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
I also have received several calls from these people. I listened to their pitch and it sounded like a scam, particularly when the caller gave me a WWW address to type into my computer. I also got their name and # and finally hung up on him. Would be VERY careful if you talk with them. They are trying to sell you some software based on a scam.
#3 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Scam
Windows "fix" scam. I told them my PC is so infected it takes 10 min just to boot up. I tried to engage in discussion about their company which pissed them off. I kept remining him we have a moment to chat while the pc boots up. He hung up on me after frustration of holding/chatting.
#4 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
The idiot creature who called me gave me the ling of nonsense that there is a problem with my computer. After I told him he was full of c**p, that there is nothing wrong with my computer and not to ever call me again he hung up on me. Hmm? Well, I decided to call the creature back. I pulled the number 'it' called from up on my cell phone....845-459-2751 and got a recording for DCH Honda. I proceeded to chew a young lady out, told her I have not owned a vehicle since 1998, and have not had a driver's license since 1999. I told her remove my cell number from their list and not to ever call me again. After I hung up I got to thinking about the original call that the idiot talked about my computer. What? Wait a minute? What do Honda's have to do with computers? So, I called the number a second time. Sure enough I got DCH Honda of Nanuet, in Nanuet, New York....again. I spoke to another young lady, explained why I was calling and asked her if their company is aware that some low-life scum scammer has somehow figured out a way to route return calls to 845-459-2751 to their company. She said they became aware of this issue this morning and are working on getting the problem solved. So, if anyone calls the scammers from 845-459-2751 back, PLEASE listen to what the recording says. If you get a recording saying it is DCH Honda of Nanuet, PLEASE do not chew those innocent people out. I do not know how this scum is doing it, but they are connecting their number to a reputable company. This sort of foolishness does not set well with me.
#5 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Scam
Tried to say my PC was infected and I needed their help to fix it. SCAM
#6 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Scam
#7 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
they claim you have pc issues but wont tell you how they know. dont listen to them they are trying to scam you into downloading malware so they can charge you money to fix the problem you allowed them to make. advanced pc protect is a scam.
#8 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
Thick Indian? voice with name of James called about my computer to fix something. I just yelled at him not to call again. If I needed them I would call the company and hung up. There was an echoing sound throughout that sounded like it was being played for someone else to hear. I definitely felt it was a scam.
#9 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
He had an accent and said he was tech support with windows and my computor was reported as having viruses. He claimed it would crash and turn blue if I didn't allow him to have access to it and remove them. Told him never to call again and they keep calling from different locations. Someone needs to stop this kind of fraud! The ph.# on caller Id 845-459-2672. Avoid answering!!!
#10 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Scam
Selling Scam
#11 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Scam
I received a phone call from an "Unavailable" number on my caller ID and a man with a heavy Indian accent said they were from Advanced PC Protect. I asked him for his phone number and he said it was 845-459-2751. He told me I downloaded malicious software on my windows account. When I questioned him further he said he had the license number of my computer and began to rattle it off to me. Since I couldn't understand his "English" he had to repeat it several times. He disconnected the call in the middle of giving me my "license number". The call sounded totally fraudulent. I called the number back and another man with an Indian accent answered the phone and he could not give me any intelligent answers to my questions. If you get a call from these people be very cautious.
#12 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
II received a phone call from an "Unavailable" number on my caller ID and a man with a heavy Indian accent said they were from Advanced PC Protect. He told me I downloaded malicious software on my windows account. The call was very low quality and breaking up. I asked him to give me the name of the program file that was causing the issues. He wouldn't. I told him to send me detailed instructions by email. He said that doing it over the phone would be better. I disagreed and restated I wanted an email with the details and his company information. He said he would send them to me. I had no intention of providing my email, and he didn't even ask. This is the 4th or 5th call I've gotten over the past year claiming this issue so I know it is totally fraudulent. If you get a call from these people be very cautious. But spend some time acting computer illiterate or confused and ask them a lot of questions, just to waste their time. And report them to the FCC afterwards.
#13 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
(845) 459-2751 is a scam. They try to install their software. Never rebate. Need to stop payment by my credit card company.
#14 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
#15 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Unwanted phone
I keep getting calls from 845-459-2672 and 845-459-2789 calling himself Jack, with a heavy Hindu accent, and is from Microsoft Service and he will help me with problems on my computer. My computer isn't having any problems, and Microsoft wouldn't know unless I contacted them. I hung up on him each time. When I attempt to call the numbers back, I get a message that says, "The Google subscriber you are trying to contact isn't available, please leave a message." I tried to find a contact at Google to report the incidents but that was futile. This tells me that they are getting my information off Google, who is supposed to be so secure, phooey! Don't let these people any where near your computer.
#16 negative
Location: Unknown
Type: Scam
Received a phone call from 845-459-4954 it was a man with an Indian accent. He said his company Advanced PC Protect worked with Microsoft and he was given information from Microsoft that my computer was infected. He also knew my email address. I told him I had 5 computers and asked him which one was infected. He did not know which computer was infected. He gave me a license number for the computer that was infected, I don�t know if this was one of my computer numbers are not. I ask him for his company�s phone number and he gave 845-459-2751. It was quite obvious this was a scam. If you receive a call from a number even close to the main number just hang up because this is a scam. They have taken advantage of many people.

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