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#1 negative
They keep calling me once a week. Patriot Shield is the company. Don't know what they are selling, I never answer.

Type: Unwanted phone
#2 negative
Calling 3-7 times per day, nobody answers.

Type: Unwanted phone
#3 negative
sales call car warranty,

Type: Unwanted phone
#4 negative
Sales call for auto warranty

Type: Telemarketing
#5 negative
car warranty

Type: Unwanted phone
#6 negative
unknown caller

Type: Unwanted phone
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172.68.xxx.xxx Los Angeles, CA, United States 10.01.2020 15:28:29
172.69.xxx.xxx Chicago, IL, United States 09.01.2020 02:21:56
172.69.xxx.xxx Seville, AN, Spain 05.01.2020 17:02:43
172.69.xxx.xxx Seville, AN, Spain 02.01.2020 14:53:01
172.69.xxx.xxx Singapore Singapore 31.12.2019 21:57:44
162.158.xxx.xxx Chicago, IL, United States 20.12.2019 21:17:17
172.68.xxx.xxx St Louis, MO, United States 20.12.2019 19:51:09
108.162.xxx.xxx Chicago, IL, United States 19.12.2019 19:06:01
172.68.xxx.xxx Singapore Singapore 17.12.2019 22:45:43
162.158.xxx.xxx Singapore Singapore 15.12.2019 05:57:46
162.158.xxx.xxx Ashburn, VA, United States 04.12.2019 17:47:31
172.69.xxx.xxx Singapore Singapore 04.12.2019 00:50:14
108.162.xxx.xxx Chicago, IL, United States 03.12.2019 03:45:21
172.68.xxx.xxx Chicago, IL, United States 21.11.2019 14:36:24
172.68.xxx.xxx Chicago, IL, United States 20.11.2019 21:17:11
Location & timezone information:

Location: Missouri

GPS coordinates: 37.9642529, -91.8318334
Map of the probable location of a phone number:
Timezone Information:
  • America/Chicago
Main information:
Phone number (314) 392-0127 can be available also in other formats. We have listed it for you:
  • E.164 format: +13143920127
  • National: (314) 392-0127
  • International: +1 314-392-0127
  • Dialed in the U.S.: 1 (314) 392-0127
  • Area code: 314
  • Location: Missouri

(314) 392-0127
+1 314-392-0127
314 392 0127
314 392 01 27
+1 (314) 392-0127
+1 314-392-0127
+1 314 392 0127

+1 314 392 01 27
(+1) (314) 392-0127
(+1) 314-392-0127
(+1) 314 392 0127
(+1) 314 392 01 27
001(314) 392-0127
001314 392 0127
001314 392 01 27

Phone number (314) 392-0127 can be internationally dialled? Yes, the phone number should be dialed as follows +1 314-392-0127

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Comments to similar phone numbers
Cowboy Cleaning www.cowboycleaning.ca

Type: Company
auto warranty scam

Type: Fraud
Conman with flair for spinning stories. He claims to be 40 and targets recently divorced women. These are all his false claims: 1. Claims to be a widower but has never been married 2. Claims to be a Phd from Stanford and a Goldman Sachs executive. But has not even graduated. 3. Claims to work at the American Embassy at New Delhi 4. Claims to be a world class sommelier with many awards but has photoshopped himself into a sommelier graduating class He is a US citizen who has returned to India. Speaks about love and longing. Has a sharp tongue and a horrid temper. Uses gaslighting as a tactic. It would be about 3 months before he asks for money. That he is unable to operate his account in the US and needs funds urgently. One of the most dangerous people to meet.

Type: Fraud
Female spoke stating she represented Michigan State University and was surveying for health. She politely asked if this was a good time to take a call (12:13pm). I declined due to my presence at work.

Type: Quiz / Survey
Had a great time with him.

Type: Safe
This is a scam. Left message that I ran a false ad so they are going to sue. Says they are some government agency. Bull !!!! Don't answer.

Type: Fraud
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Type: Safe

Type: Malicious call
Unwanted SMS spam text scam selling auto insurance by asking to click on a fraudulent website link. What fantastic salespeople these clowns are!

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