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Location & timezone information:

Location: Jersey City, NJ

GPS coordinates: 36.778259, -119.417931
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Timezone Information:
  • America/New_York
Main information:
Phone number (201) 200-0450 can be available also in other formats. We have listed it for you:
  • E.164 format: +12012000450
  • National: (201) 200-0450
  • International: +1 201-200-0450
  • Dialed in the U.S.: 1 (201) 200-0450
  • Area code: 201
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ

(201) 200-0450
+1 201-200-0450
201 200 0450
201 200 04 50
+1 (201) 200-0450
+1 201-200-0450
+1 201 200 0450

+1 201 200 04 50
(+1) (201) 200-0450
(+1) 201-200-0450
(+1) 201 200 0450
(+1) 201 200 04 50
001(201) 200-0450
001201 200 0450
001201 200 04 50

Phone number (201) 200-0450 can be internationally dialled? Yes, the phone number should be dialed as follows +1 201-200-0450

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Comments to similar phone numbers
This is a scam trying to get your SIN number, hang up!

Type: Fraud
Trying to sell Timeshares

Type: Telemarketing
Scammer - here is my conversation with "Jimmy" on text. They start out seeming like genuine people, then they suck you in. Don't get conned by the request for history. "Hi, are you still selling the audi a6 quattro?" "Yes" "Alright, Is there anything you havent mention on the ad? anyway where are you located exactly?" "Well, check engine light comes and goes, usual oil drips for a car that age, has a click in the front end, likely to be a cv joint needs grease. I have owned the car since 2006, maintain it, know the history. Has fairly fresh brakes, I did reseal cv joi to 3 years ago. I drive to cr most days with it, and have too many cars. I am not concerned about another 40k miles. " "Located near solon on old sutliff rd" "The price you are asking is fair compared to others so that isnt an issues. I can arrange cash. What time can we meet? Is it possible Tomorrow?" "Probly in the afternoon. I may want to sleep in :-)" "Let's meet tomorrow at 4pm. I need to arrange my schedule. Anyway, could you send me the CHS paperwork now, please?" "What is that?" "Oh thats the paper you can pull up as the owner online on carhistoryservice .com I’m Jimmy by the way. Your name?" "Jimmy, I have been scammed on this shit too many times. How much do you make each time I do a history check? It seems like you spend an awful lot of time and effort to get me to bite, so how much do you get?" "What? No answer. Cmon, how much?" "Hey Jimmy, you gonna answer me?" "Jimmy, talk to me." "Jimmy, you coming tomorrow with a pile of cash to buy my Audi?" "Jimmy, you got me thinking you are a scammer. Say it ain't so" "Hey Jimmy, when are you bringing the cash?"

Type: Fraud
Said they were from Telstra blocked call list and new my details and persistent about credit card

Type: Safe

Type: Fraud
keeps texting spam

Type: Malicious call
Said her name...shamika maybe? Looking for "used my name" is she available? No she isn't i can take a message if you'd like? No message ty. hung up.

Type: Unwanted phone
left a message about glad I called and to determine my eligibility, but my color id shown me it said spam risk. also they called from 1-800-853-6485. and when i looked that up it it says its a Medicare Scam. so don't trust.

Type: Fraud
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Type: Safe
Very generous

Type: Safe